About us

SQUAD BUSINESS CONSULTING COMPANY is a Joint Stock Company following law no. 159 for year 1981.


In SQUAD, we do believe that Success is the result of Qualified Utilization and Assurance of business resources to achieve Development – “SQUAD”. It is always the combination of five pillars to achieve successful hands on consultation (Analysis / Planning / Execution / Control / Reporting).


In SQUAD, it is essential for us that our clients can measure and touch the impact of our efforts in improving his business results; accordingly we are keen to apply the Return On Consulting concept.


Our services

  • Working Capital Management.

  • Fund Raising & Cash Flow Management.

  • Business Cases & Budgeting.

  • Finance & Reporting.

Core goals

  • Achieve real measurable value added to our clients.

  • Be our clients’ first tier in implementing development.

  • To market ourselves through real success stories.

  • To do our best all the time achieving the right thing at the right time.

  • To achieve friendly, professional ethical work environment.

Our experience

Business Development - 30 years
Credit Assessment & Fundraising - 15 years
ICT Solutions- 15 years
Financial Management Re-engineering- 10 years

Our vision

To Become One of The Well Reputable Regional Hands On Consulting Companies, Owning A Hands On Investment Fund to Discover the Inherited Potentials.


You can bear losing money for some time, but you cannot afford being out of cash even for once “Cash Is King” and always has the upper hand to make business sustain, being more flexible to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and give you the edge to achieve the required Growth & Development.
Cash Is King 3

Our Mission

To provide our customers with an achievable, measurable real added value based on Hands On Consultation to be reflected on both:


  • Sales.

  • Profitability.

  • Liquidity.

  • Assets Utilization.

Human Resources Development:

  • Participating in the turnaround project execution.

  • Customized training courses.

Messages from founders

Success is all about keep adapting to changes and market dynamics. Getting consultation does not only mean a source for more knowledge but it also means new eyes looking differently on your challenges. This should result in bringing new & fresh ideas on the table within a professional frame work. Thanks for our customers who gave us the chance to be part of their success.
Ahmed Youssef Photo_Chairman
Ahmed Youssef
If opportunity does not knock build a door, work hard in silence and let success make the noise.
Amr El Gamily Photo _ Vice Chairman
Amr El Gamily
Vice Chairman
Do not be proud of your success in a way that makes you stop, and do not feel sad about your failure in a way that makes you drop, be sure that your success or failure will never end until you decide to, good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work & deal with them.
Mahmoud Youssef Photo _ Managing Director & Board Member
Mahmoud Youssef
Managing Director & Board Member
Within our engagements, we believe that in order to achieve our goal , we need to eliminate the people’s feeling of being an outsider. We do engage with people, share information, help them to see the bigger picture, and get the most out of them. Key factor is the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives
Wessam El Gazzar
Board Member
  • Success Decision
  • Open Doors
  • Achieve More
  • Winners vs Losers
  • Work to Succeed
  • Never Give Up
  • Finish What You Got
  • No Fear
  • Work Hard